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1.  17 Again
2.  Again
3.  Anything But Strong
4.  Beautiful Child
5.  Don't Ask Me Why
6.  Forever
7.  Here Comes The Rain Again
8.  I Need a Man
9.  I Saved The World Today
10.  I Want It All
11.  I've Got a Life
12.  I've Tried Everything
13.  It's Alright
14.  Li&ed
15.  Love Is a Stranger
16.  Miracle of Love
17.  Missionary Man
18.  Must Be Talking To An Angel
19.  My True Love
20.  Peace Is Just A Word
21.  Power To The Meek
22.  Right by Your Side
23.  Sex Crime
24.  Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves
25.  Sweet Dreams
26.  Sweet Dreams 2009
27.  There Must Be An Angel
28.  Thorn in My Side
29.  Was It Just Another Love Affair
30.  When Tomorrow Comes
31.  Whos That Girl
32.  Would I Lie to You
33.  You Have Placed a Chill in My Heart

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