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1.  A Different Kind Of Love Song
2.  Alive Again
3.  all or nothing
4.  Angels running
5.  Believe
6.  Body To Body Heart To Heart
7.  davel amore
8.  Dont come around tonite
9.  Dove L'Amore
10.  I m blovin away
11.  I wouldnt treat a dog
12.  If I could turn back time
13.  Love Is A Lonely Place Without
14.  love is the groove
15.  Love One Another
16.  Love So High
17.  Not enough love in the world
18.  One by one
19.  Paradise is here
20.  Rain, Rain
21.  Real Love
22.  runaway
23.  Song For The Lonely
24.  strong enough
25.  takin back my heart
26.  taxi taxi
27.  The gunman
28.  The Music's No Good Without You
29.  the power
30.  the same mistake
31.  The sun aint gonna
32.  Walking in Memphis
33.  we all sleep alone
34.  What about the moonlight
35.  When The Moneys Gone
36.  When You Walk Away

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